Ezhou portal at lung fai food co., LTD. Is a collection development、Production、Operating in a body,Mainly engaged in agricultural and sideline products deep processing of professional manufacturers,Ezhou, agricultural industrialization enterprises。

      The company was founded in2013Years,New temple industrial park is located in ezhou,The geographical position is superior,Ecological environment is exquisite,The transportation is convenient,In strict accordance with the factory《Sanitary registration of food export manufacturer specifications》Construction。
      The company mainly produces are Fried beans series、Sweetened rice flour in series、Fried peanuts series、Such as the eight series of dozens of all varieties,Products strictly follow the processing courseSSOPAnd the programGMPSpecification,In accordance with theHACCPThe system is running,By the enterpriseISO9001Quality system certification.
       All the materials to processing products of the company,The products sell well all over the country。

Ezhou portal at lung fai food co., LTD

Contacts: Zou  The total     18808680178

         Zou manager     18986139399

Net    The address:www.yidikang.cn

The ground    The address:Ezhou of hubei province new temple town of temple industrial park

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